Run Into Peace

Run Into Peace presents a text adapted from the writings of Meister Eckhart, a controversial mystic, priest and religious teacher from 14th century Germany, who did much to vernacularize the religious contemplative life.

The text is simple and simultaneously self-contradictory; it recalls a world where language did not have to mean but could merely express, a world where the self knew better than to attempt defining the world. The images are also often contradictory, juxtaposed in flowing layers: highway landscapes, blood maps, vacant rooms, hands against the ceiling, glowing streetlights, invading icons, circular staircases.

Dedicated to Louis F. Capson [1944-96]

Produced  •  Virtual Image Productions
Written and directed  •  Douglas Porter
Narration  •  David Renton
Soundtrack  •  Steven Naylor
Funding  •  Canada Council for the Arts
Format  •  12:57 minutesSDNTSC© 1998
Distribution  •